Ghar Chamkao

How much time do you dedicate cleaning your own house? Does your home look the same as it was the first time you entered your new house. Those newly painted walls. That shining kitchen platform. Clean and shining faucets. Smell of your new house. New Cabinets. Look at your house now Do you get the same feeling? Being said, this is not the only reason to clean and nourish your home. There are many besides just maintaining external appearance. Do you know how many bacteria are your uninvited roommates? Imagine you working in the office which is not cleaned in proper and daily manner. Would you feel like working in such environment? Would you feel healthy or would you fall sick? When was the last time you took sick leave because you were suffering from viral fever even though you had not eaten any outside food or did not go anywhere out? Have you ever given a thought that bacteria living in your messy/dirty home might be the reason behind your sickness? Besides physiological effects there are psychological effects as well. One of the reason behind creative/productive mind is the surrounding environment. Imagine you sitting in a beautiful clean beach facing resort versus you sitting in a closed messy room with no windows. What do you think where you can work with full heart and mind? Although we cannot bring beach side resort ambience to each and every home, we can surely try our best to maintain our homes on regular basis. Do not think that you need lot of money to maintain or enhance your home. Keep faith that it is totally possible. First step towards doing anything is deciding that you have to do it and realizing its utmost importance and positive impact which it will bring into your life. Congratulations on taking the first step. Let us begin our journey together towards creating a beautiful and loving home.